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Risovačka cave

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Risovačka cave

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At the very entrance to Aranđelovac, on the right of the Kubršnica river, you will encounter Risovača hill and a cave, a significant archaelogical and paleontological site. Longtime research revealed an abundancy of fossilized bones and teeth of various animals which had been living in the steppes around Risovača during the last Ice Age. Some stone and bone tools discovered here have suggested that the Cave had been the habitat of Neanderthal hunters in the Middle Stone Age. Due to its natural properties and cultural-historical values, Ricovača Cave has been declared natural and cultural monument of a great importance. Risovača Cave has been furnished and arranged today in line with all standards of modern appearance and hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists come to visit it on a yearly basis.

The research of Risovača Cave in Aranđelovac began in 1953 (Archaelogical Institute SANU and Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade under the guidance of Prof. Branko Gavella, PhD) and lasted until 1976. Since this period, there have been conducted other speleological researches as well, managed by Radenko Lazarević, PhD, a senior scientist in the Institute of Forestry in Belgrade. Risovača Cave was arranged for tourist visits and opened on September 19th, 1987.

Thus, this symbol of human existence and work has been rescued from falling into oblivion and decay, telling the story of uninterrupted human roots from the beginning of civilization to contemporary times.


More about Risovac Cave, ticket prices and working hours of the cave can be found here

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