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Art Festival „Mermer i Zvuci“

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Art Festival „Mermer i Zvuci“

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Beli Venčac Sculpture Symposium

A group of artists and art lovers from Belgrade and Aranđelovac decided in 1966 to initiate the sculpture symposium Beli Venčac (eng. White Venčac). In the summer of the same year, in the world-famous marble mine situated at the foot of Venčac mountain, seven artists were making their sculptures planning to leave them in the park of Bukovička banja. Thus, a unique outdoor museum and collection of sculptures made of white marble has been created. The pleasure is to mention their names: Matija Vuković, Angelina Gatalica, Mira Jurišić, Oto Logo (all from Belgrade), Raja Nikolić from Aranđelovac, Jovan Soldatović from Novi Sad and Sosana Hejman from Israel. More than 200 artists actualized their works at the symposium Beli Venčac and 66 works have found their place in the park.

The accomplishments of 44th symposium Beli Venčac have been particularly appreciated as they have been the result of a longtime idea ocurring among several sculptors belonged to the World Sculptor’s Association. The idea was to make one sculpture by unifying their ideas and artistic experience. In 2009, according to the idea of the former selector Ante Marinović, five sculptors from five different continents made a proposal for one sculpture creation which was going to be performed at one of the town squares in Aranđelovac.


Program of the Art Festival Mermer i Zvuci

July 4th 1968 saw the meeting of sound and marble for the first time which resulted in the festival of all most exquisite musical, folk, literature, ballet, artistic and film achievements. A special acknowledgement for the works done has been assigned to famous and renowned artists by the loyal followers of the Festival. This includes writers, critics, directors, composers, conductors, journalists, politicians and many others who took part in the Festival

 International Festival Svet keramike (eng. World of Ceramics)

International festival World of Ceramics was born in 1973 when ceramists joined the union of marble and sound. The collection of about 800 ceramics items made at this symposium of Art Festival Mermer i Zvuci is being kept in the National Museum in Aranđelovac.

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