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Park of Bukovička banja

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Park of Bukovička banja

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The park of Bukovička banja occupies an area of more than 22 ha. The site was purchased in 1849 when the first paths were marked out, trees planted and both spring and bathroom Talpara were properly arranged. The organization of the park started in 1856. On this occasion, the first paths and rows of trees were made, the lawns with flowers were placed around wooden shelters for visitors and a warm bath Đulara was cosily arranged. During the seventies of the 19th century Bukovička banja became one of the best arranged tourist spa resorts with balneotherapy in its offer and maintained such image until the breakout of World War I.

Staro zdanje (eng. Old Edifice), the oldest preseved building in the park of Bukovička banja and an exemplary work of romanticism in Serbian architecture, was built by Prince Mihailo Obrenović in 1865, with the intention to use it as the summer residence and the House of Assembly.

Both spa and park sustained the most important changes when Bukovička banja was under the administration of the Danube Banovina Savings Bank. Staro zdanje and Novo zdanje (eng. New Edifice) were restored and the park underwent core reconstruction in the period of 1933 – 1934. Opening of thermal spring in 1935 facilitated the construction of modern warm bath, outdoor pool filled with mineral water, the hotel Šumadija and recatchment of springs Đulara and Talpara.

Since 1966 the park has become the largest outdoor collection of sculptures, comparable to several famous parks in the world, e.g. in Spoleto, Otterloh in Holland or Houston in Texas.

The sculptures in the park simultaneously enrich an occupying area and communicate the tendencies of national and global contemporary sculptural art.

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