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Famous village Orašac

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Famous village Orašac

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Orašac village, near Aranđelovac, has been the place of historical interest where the decision to undertake the uprising was made on February 15th, 1804. On this occasion, Karađorđe Petrović was chosen to be the Supreme Leader of the Uprising. Church of the Ascension in Orašac, Memorial school and Memorial fountain located in Marićevića jaruga, the museum and Karađorđe sculpture were all built in honor to this major event. Thus, this historical place has been outlined within a monumental frame.

Church in Orašac</strong> was built in the period of 1868 – 1870. The designer is unknown. The church is a small and plain building with well-balanced proportions and simple shapes. The rectangular basis has an outside pentagonal apse on the eastern side and semicircular altar apse inside. On the western side of the church there is an entrance hall. The northern pilaster has a memorial plaque built in and made of white marble. It has been dedicated to the soldiers fighting in the Balkans wars.

Memorial school was built in 1932. It is one of the most beautiful buildings across Serbia in terms of architectural purity and construction integrity. The designer is unknown but he is believed to have belonged to the group of architects whose aspirations reflected in restoration of an old Serbian style. A special board was established in 1929 for the constructon of the school. Its name was The board for the construction of a memorial school in tribute to Karađorđe’s leadership over the Rising in Orašac

Memorial fountain was built in 1954 on the 150th anniversary of the First Serbian Uprising, in Marićevića jaruga near the church. The fountain has been the part of a larger retaining wall built of stone blocks. There are three marble arched plates in the central part of this fountain.

Monument to Karađorđe

On the 200th anniversary of the First Serbian Uprising, the municipality of Aranđelovac built the monument of white marble dedicated to Karađorđe. The monument is 3.40 m high and it was done by a sculptor Drinka Radovanović. A memorial tomb of Teodosije Marićević, situated in the garden of the Anić family, enriches the memorial site in Orašac.

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