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Equestrian Club „Arandjelovac“

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Equestrian Club „Arandjelovac“

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Surprise your family with an experience that everyone will remember.

You have a couple of hours or a few days at your disposal, don’t allow yourself to spend them exploring destinations and planning a trip, relax and enjoy your free time that we will design especially for you. In addition to the ten horses you will enjoy, untouched nature awaits you. adrenaline challenges, anti-stress programs…

Here is the largest aqua park in Serbia, a cave that hides the secrets of the Paleolithic, three lakes, two mountains, a century-old forest, flower meadows, mausoleum, monasteries, cultural and historical monuments that preserve the legends of ancient times, wineries, gastronomic specialties. and now just an hour’s drive from you!

Equestrian Club „Arandjelovac“ is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2008.

The club currently has about 300 members both from the country and abroad.

Our vision: „The power of young people and the power of nature for an open and successful Arandjelovac“ – or simply a quality time in nature, in the fresh air, with animals.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life in the local community. The programs of the Club are realized through organized activities of young volunteers and members, who are the cornerstone of our organization.

We can boast that we are the only Club in Serbia located in the city, only a 15 minute ride to the top of the mountain, near the three lakes.

The location provides us with unique conditions for the development of equestrian tourism, organized riding school and therapy with the help of horses and ideal conditions for the preparation and holding of endurance sports competitions.

The regular activities of the Club are based on working with children and youth and include:
• nature
• sports
• peer socio-therapeutic work
• work with people with disabilities
• work with socio-vulnerable categories
• organic agriculture
• volunteer work, promotion and encouragement of volunteerism
• services to be charged: tourist riding, team building and leadership programs

With every service you use with us, you support the work of our organization.


You can see the price list of services here

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