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Bukulja mountain

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Bukulja mountain

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Bukulja mountain

Bukulja mountain towers over the town and the spa. Its altitude of 696 m is ideal for sports training. There are a few marked paths leading from the park to the uppermost point of Bukulja. Positioned at the very top of the mountain itself, 19-metres high observation point is open for visitors offering them a breathtaking view on the large part of Šumadija

Hiking trail

The hiking trail starts at the entrance to the „Colorful Gate“, in the spa park, and leads next to the mineral water source towards the „Izvor“ hotel, further along Bukulja, near the city museum to the top of the mountain. From Bukulja, the trail descends slightly to the place „Crvene bare“, where you descend to the asphalt road from which you cross to the village road towards Brezovac. From here, it moves to the top of the mountain Venčac, from where it descends into the valley of Bakićevo potok. From the marble mine, take the asphalt road to the intersection of the roads to the villages of Banja and Mladenovac, from where the road leads to Risovača and then along the city street Vojina Gajića to the gas station „Jugopetrol“, where the trail ends.

The trail is 25 km long and can be crossed in 8 hours and 20 minutes on foot.

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