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Aqua Park of the hotel „Izvor“

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Aqua Park of the hotel „Izvor“

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By cutting the ribbon, the president of the municipality of Arandjelovac, Vlada Gajić, MA, ceremoniously opened the Aqua Park, which spreads over 6 hectares.

The largest aqua park in Serbia, which is part of the Izvor Hotel, can currently use three pools and 12 slides 120 meters long and up to 22 meters high, while it will wait until next season fully equipped. Over two thousand people, the youngest and the oldest, eagerly awaited the opening.

„This aqua park can be attended by 3 to 5 thousand people. This means that when the summer season starts next year, every day, we will have at least 3 thousand visitors in Arandjelovac. Those 3 thousand visitors will surely want to see something in our city. , to take a walk, to stop by one of the nearby restaurants and cafes and let each of those visitors spend 10 euros a day, that is 30,000 euros that will stay in the city and that will absolutely raise our economy „, said President Gajić.

According to the words of the president of „Alko Group“, Miroljub Aleksić, 7 million euros were invested in the construction of the aqua park, while in the spring the entire complex with accompanying facilities will be completely completed, the costs will total around 8.5 million euros.

Aqua – park is an additional content of the spa and wellness hotel Izvor with five stars, which will now, with a new enriched offer, have a much greater impact on making Bukovicka Banja a desirable tourist place for domestic and foreign tourists.

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