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Topola – Oplenac
Topola is 14 km far from Aranđelovac, on the way to Kragujevac. It was founded by Karađorđe in 1781. In the period of 1805 – 1813 the town was fortified and, thus, became a significant strategic site and Karađorđe’s capital.

Nowadays, there are only two preserved towers in the south and Karađorđe’s konak (eng. a dormitry) in-between as well as the part of northern and eastern wall. Karđorđe’s konak is a building made of stone with several rooms, a basement and a balcony. It was one of the biggest buildings in Serbia in Karađorđe’s time. Today, Karađorđe’s konak is a place where the Leader’s personal things, authentic weapons used in World War I and Karađorđe’s cannon called aberdar have been exhibited permanently.


Situated on Oplenac hill, the endowment of King Petar I Karađorđević, St. George’s church, captivates everyone’s attention by its marvelous architectural balance and construction purity. This jewel of Serbo-Byzantine architectural style has been a five-doomed construction fascinating each and every visitor and guest.

King Petar’s House is located west of the church. It was firstly intended to be a priest’s church house. However, king Petar moved into it so that he could monitor and supervise construction works of the church. Since then on, the house has been known as Petar’s house.


On the slopes of Rudnik mountain, in the region of outstanding beauty, there have been hidden Serbian monasteries which had been demolished and burned in the long gone centuries but, nevertheless, restored and reconstructed all over again: Nikolje monastery, Voljavča – monastery complex with a dormitry and St. Michael Archangel church, and Blagoveštenje monastery.


Blagoveštenje Monastery in Stragari village probably dates back to XIV century, but neither construction time nor the designer has been identified yet.


Voljavča Monastery in Stragari village has been the endowment of a powerful feudal landlord, Mihailo Končinović, in the second half of XV century. It has St. Michael the Archangel church within which was restored in the period of 1796 – 1797.


Nikolje Monastery in Šatornja village, near Stragari, was founded by Nikola Dorječnović, despot Stefan’s relative. It has St. Nikola’s church which was restored in 1817. The traces of original frescos from 1425 are discernible beneath the frescos from 1850.


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