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*Due to the current epidemiological situation, it is possible to change the date of the manifestations

Marble and Sounds
Art Festival „Marble and Sounds“ (beginning of June to the end of September)
The Marble and Sounds Art Festival boasts a long tradition of artistic creation and display.
In the period from 1966 to 1973, three forms of cultural and artistic activity were conceived, each with specific features, but programmatically complementary: Symposium of Sculpture „Beli Venčac“ in 1966, Festival „Marble and Sounds“ in 1968 andthe „World of Ceramics“ festival in 1973 with its symposia since 1974.

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Cultural Center
Book Festival (September 4-6)
It brings together publishing houses and all lovers of books and the written word.The festival also includes a diverse accompanying program – promotions, talks and socializing with the authors, a mini concert.
Theater Festival (November 9 – 15)
The goal is to promote theatrical art and cultural education of audiences of different ages and social status.So far, the audience has enjoyed the stage performance of a large number of professional and amateur theaters.

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First Serbian Uprising Fund
Meeting (February 15)
The event has been held traditionally for years.Ceremonial academy „Sretenje festivities“, literary evenings, chess tournament, karate tournament, literary awards Responses to „Filip Visnjic“

Elementary school „Sveti Sava“
Saint Sava’s Suite (January 27)
The event has been held traditionally for 12 years.Festive parade, through the city, of students dressed in medieval costumes, in the presence of Bishop Šumadijski and academies in honor of the Saint
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Tourist organization „Arandjelovac“
Smiling Faces Street (early June to late September)
Various contents: educational, cultural-entertaining, sports-recreational, are held in the center of Arandjelovac, on the town square, in a place where even a casual passer-by can be a part of the event.
Hardworking hands (July 26)
The goal of the event is to preserve, nurture, encourage, popularize and promote traditional folk art.Sales Exhibition of products created by the work of exhibitors