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Uglavnom oblačno.
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Nature and history

Tourist attractions of the city and its surroundings


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Bus Station

Address: Kneza Mihaila 104, 34 300 Arandjelovac Contact phone: 034 6717300

Taxi service

Toll-free contact lines: 0800 32 32 32, 0800 22 22 24, 0800 725 725

Market opening hours

The largest markets in Arandjelovac are Fortuna, Domino and Maxi. Working hours: 08 - 22h

Opening hours of coffee bars

Working hours of coffee bars: 08 - 00h

Raising the First Serbian Uprising
The beginning of the archeological research of the Risovac cave
Origin of the Bukovicka Banja Park
The origin of the city of Arandjelovac
The beginning of the manifestation Мермер и звуци